Safely Pour Concrete Under Any Weather Conditions

The leading concrete sensor for real-time temperature and strength monitoring

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SmartRock Helps Build Concrete Structures
Faster, Safer, and More Economically Even in Cold Weather

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    Prevent thermal cracking

    and possible structural disasters. Always know how your concrete is curing with 24/7 real-time remote temperature and strength monitoring.

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    Eliminate wired sensors

    and no longer worry about exposed or damaged wires with these fully embedded wireless sensors. No more rummaging for wires or tripping over them in the snow.

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    Avoid liability issues

    since ACI 306 recommends not using field-cured cylinders, our maturity sensors are the perfect solution to keeping your project safely on track and in compliance with industry standards. 

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    Always know the status of your pour

    on your mobile device, without disrupting the placement of blankets or heaters.

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    Reduce expensive project delays

    testing strength/maturity directly onsite shaves days, even weeks off your schedule. 

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    Reliable and easy to use

    even in extreme weather with a simple installation process. 

See why the top construction teams trust SmartRock

Adam Huston, PCL
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Used in More Construction Sites Around the World Than Any Other Concrete Sensor

Install SmartRock in three easy steps
1 Tag Sensor

Activate the sensor and tag each one in your SmartRock app by project and section

2 Install & Pour

Secure the sensor to the rebar in the formwork and pour concrete as usual.

3 View Results

Open the SmartRock app to view concrete strength and temperature data in real-time or remotely using SmartHub.