Quality Control Checklist

Concreting for General Contractors

Download a comprehensive concrete pour checklist for general contractors and project managers to ensure the quality of your project.



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What Is the Quality Control Checklist? 

At Giatec, we understand the importance of elevating the quality of your construction project. Building concrete structures often comes with a myriad of challenges and hectic activity at the job site. For that reason, we have created a comprehensive checklist for general contractors and project managers to properly address key aspects of concrete pouring. The Quality Control Checklist is designed to help you ensure quality and compliance, minimize risks, and facilitate a successful and efficient concrete placement.




What Are the Stages of Concrete Pouring? 

1. Pre-Pour Inspection: At this stage, general contractors review essential details such as structure drawings, waterproofing systems, schedules, weather conditions, mix design, and other project specifications.  

2. Concrete Pour: At this stage, general contractors focus on the concrete mix, taking the time to assess the discharge time, the properties of the loads, the jobsite nuances, and the monitoring systems essential for the curing period.

3. Post-Pour (Stage 1 and Stage 2): This stage is divided into two parts. First, general contractors carefully follow the curing schedule, ensure protections for changing weather conditions, and keep track of the temperature and maturity data provided by concrete sensors. And lastly, they take care of formwork removal and concrete finish. 

Carefully managing your concrete pours will ensure an optimal streamline of the construction process from start to finish. Download the Quality Control Checklist now and experience smoother, stress-free concrete pours like never before.