Concrete Maturity: From Theory to Application – A Guide to the Maturity Method


Concrete Maturity: From Theory to Application is a complete guide to the concept and practical aspects of concrete maturity based on the ASTM C1074. Understanding the maturity method allows those in the construction industry to optimize critical construction operations such as formwork removal, post-tensioning, and opening concrete pavement to traffic. Implementing this testing method increases profitability and saves construction companies both time and money throughout the duration of a project.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • What concrete maturity is and how it can predict the 
    actual in-place strength of concrete
  • Methods of maturity calibration for a concrete mixture
  • How to estimate the early age in-place strength of concrete in real time
  • How to get reliable maturity and strength data using various types of maturity loggers and sensors
  • Practical consideration and limitations of using concrete maturity instead of the break test
  • Examples, case studies, and ROI calculation for construction projects benefiting from the adoption of wireless maturity sensors

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